Color me surprised!

Many of us are trying to save money and be super resourceful during this pandemic.┬áThat hasn’t been the easiest task for my family, especially having to dole out hundreds of dollars to outfit our home to be ready for virtual school. Still, I am constantly on the look out for savings whenever possible.

Recently, I’ve noticed our computer ink cartridges were at least half-way full but our prints would be streaking or have color faded lines. I would take the black and color ink cartridges out of the printer, shake and blow on them (because it’s an Atari, right?) to no avail.

Determined not to waste anymore ink or money, I did what any millennial would do.

I went to YouTube to search for a solution.

Low and behold, the fix was quick, easy, and cost $0.00. 

First, I carefully added boiling hot water to a bowl, just enough to submerge the ink nozzle of both cartridges (the part where ink goes from the cartridge to paper). The water was no higher than my finger. I let both edges of the nozzle sit for about 5 minutes on each side.

Next, I took the cartridges out, shook off the excess water, and placed them on a clean paper towel. I let them sit about 20 minutes and voila – I was back in business.

The ‘before’ image below shows an alignment page before I submerged the cartridges and the ‘after’ image is a full test page post cartridge revival. Give it a try!

Beat the Black Friday Blues

Happy Day after Thanksgiving!

Black Friday brings as much anticipation as Thanksgiving for many people. The hunt for the perfect gift at a premium discount is as fun as scoring the actual gift.

In the age of social media and digital marketing, it is easy to get sidetracked and buy a bunch of stuff you (and your intended recipients) don’t need or truly want.

To avert unnecessary spending and get the most out of your purchases, try to:

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Tea Two Ways

I can drink almost any tea with out sweetener. Green tea. Lemon Ginger tea. Rooibos tea. You name it.

Except Chamomile tea. Every time I try drinking it without sweetener, the strong taste gives me an instant headache.

I’ve avoided the tea for so long due to that reason alone. But alas, my continuing nervousness has left me looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals to alleviate my anxious feelings.

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