I don’t mean to Bragg, but …

Those on a new quest into all things organic and unprocessed are bound to come across Bragg’s products. While I stumbled across many claims that I frankly needed their products, I did not find too many useful reviews on the uses I sought for their products.

So I am presenting my 2.5 cents on my experiences with three of their most popular products.

Bragg’s Top Three

(From Left to Right) 1. Apple Cider Vinegar with “The Mother” 2. Liquid Aminos 3. Nutritional Yeast

1. Apple Cider Vinegar with “The Mother” (ACV):

This stuff stinks. Straight up. And I am used to using white vinegar regularly in my household. I primarily drink a two teaspoons of ACV every morning and chase with 8 oz of water. Who needs a cup of coffee after that wake me up shot?!?! So far, I find when I forget to have my morning ACV I tend to be more bloated. Personally, I do believe in that regard, it helps to keep your tummy flat as many have claimed. Also, ACV with The Mother (those strands floating around the bottle) is supposed to be healthier than regular ACV. No comment on that.

I also tried this a a toner, using one part ACV and one part distilled or alkaline water. I have combination skin and will break out here and there (posts on those tribulations and trials coming soon!). I wish I had stuck to my usual beauty routine of using this toner, as ACV make my skin worse! I broke out horribly and as a result had bad scarring. I wasn’t dismayed as such is life right? You learn by trial and error. I just went back to my favorite toner and used this shea butter to help even out the marks.

Overall: Like Frank’s Hot Sauce, you will probably put this on everything. Not going to be redundant of a quick Google search and list all of its culinary or medicinal uses but I will forever have this in my cupboard.

2. Liquid Aminos:

Let’s Take it back to 7th grade science. Remember our teachers teaching us about amino acids? That they are the building block of all biological processes? Well Bragg’s Lquid Aminos claim to offer eight of the nine essential amino acids. Tryptophan, the missing amino acid, isn’t made naturally by our bodies. So we would need to find it in other food sources. Still, 8 out of 9 isn’t bad!

This “healthy soy sauce” taste JUST like soy sauce BUT also has a high sodium content. I usually dash some on steamed veggies and sprinkle with crushed red pepper. Yum!

Overall: Good to have on hand for a healthy alternative to soy sauce, but perhaps should not be used as a dietary supplement.

3. Nutritional Yeast

Le sigh. Where do I begin. Well, for one – nutritional yeast can also be smelly. For instance, I was scrambling eggs and sprinkled this stuff on top as I was cooking. The first smell that hits your nose is reminiscent of old paper. After a minute that smell dissipates and you then smell something ever so slightly reminiscent of cheese. Cheddar to be exact.

This stuff does not taste like cheese – it just lends that earthy rich aftertaste, similar to cheese. At least in my opinion.

If purchased in a health food store, this product can be bought wholesale. I asked as the Bragg’s product contains folic acid. I am on the fence concerning the current debate regarding folic acid, so until I conduct additional research, I’ll continue to use this stuff.

Overall: You can use this as a weak cheese alternative in any dish as it blends easily. Would not consider a viable dietary supplement.

So there you have it! I hope this info has helped, let me know either way!

*Note: I am not receiving payment or commission for mentioning any product on this page 🙂

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