Check, please!


Happy Finance Friday Everyone!

For those folks who are paid bi weekly – did you know there are three months in the year where you are paid THREE times in one month? Did you know December 2016 is one of those months? Cha – ching!

Just a reminder that this is a great time to budget for next month’s expenses. Yes, January 2017. Take about 10 minutes, some paper and a pencil and write out all of your incoming monies (wages, alimony, investments, etc.) and all of your outgoing monies (mortgage, rent, utilities, holiday gifts, savings [you should always pay yourself as well!], tuition, etc.). The goal is to come up with a net total of zero.

As always, aim to put some money in an emergency fund as well. I recommend walking, bussing, driving, or uber-ing to your local bank and starting a savings account there that is not attached to a debit card.

Now that you know what/who and when you will owe, try to apply your second paycheck of December 2016 to your half of your expenses in 2017 (the ones due before the 15th of the month). If you are coming up negative (maybe a bit overzealous on the holiday shopping?) only apply funds from your third paycheck in the the exact amount of your deficit. Then throw the rest of your third paycheck into savings or onto some debt. Don’t waste it frivolously.  Unless you are independently wealthily. Or that case, go ahead an donate your dineros!




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