If You Didn’t Know: Peanut Butter

One of the easiest substitutes to make when switching to a more wholesome diet is to change your peanut butter. Most commercial peanut butter produced today have sugar as an added ingredient.

The only ingredients in your peanut butter should be  peanuts and salt.

You will hardly notice the difference with the initial switch, especially if you are paring your peanut butter with something already sweet like a jelly or using in a smoothie.

The peanut butter doesn’t have to organic, but read the back of the jar as well as the front. Look at the ingredient list.  The jar can be labeled “natural” on the front, but the back reveals it’s laden with added sugar.

You can always tell natural peanut butter from the “others” because the oil will rise to the top. Store your peanut butter upside down to make it easier to blend when you are ready to use. If you didn’t know now you know!

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