Don’t Belittle the Baby Steps …

You can’t fit into your jeans.

You can’t fit into your fat jeans.

Your sweat pants make you work up a sweat just trying to get them on.

I get it.

Here’s what you do about that excess weight: Just Start.

It’s that simple. Too often, we think we need to come up with 15 different plans, a boatload of money for a gym membership and gym gear to start to get in shape. However, it is as simple as just walking. Or using your own bodyweight for resistance training.

So start small my friends, work up a momentum. Just commit to at least 2 days a week for 3 weeks to start. Walk for 30 minutes a day start. After this introductory period, you’ll be hooked! You will start to feel the benefits of exercise and will want to continue to nourish your physical and mental well being. At that point in time you can look into taking it up a notch. That could mean hiring a personal trainer, getting a gym membership etc. The options are endless!

Still, the number of resources one delves into in setting out on their weight loss journey can be overwhelmingly daunting. Therefore, I’ve shared a handy calendar from My Fitness Pal to help you get started below:


The challenge is pretty self explanatory, but if you need a break down of how to correctly do each move head on over to their website for additional details!

While you are on this journey, you can start to plan out what activities you’ll engage in for the following month. On so on. Take it month by month, developing your fitness techniques along the way. At this point, fitness will be a non-negotiable in your life and it time to set some goals, both short term and long term. Again, consulting an expert like a fitness coach or a dietitian would be an great investment in your overall fitness goals.

Good luck and let the challenge begin!

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