Morning Meditations

I am the mother of a 3 and 5 year old, a wife and I pursue a full time career (paid) as well as a full time passion (unpaid) while trying to ensure all ends meet every. single. day.

It gets overwhelming. It is taxing. It is life.

It helps to stop. Just stop and be. The laundry piling higher on the bed can wait. It’s okay to get take out / take away once in a while. It’s okay your husband forgot to put the liner in the trash can. Again. But him being able to take the trash out means you had food to eat. Being able to get take out / take away means you have the expendable resources to provide for your family. Laundry all over your bedroom means you have clothing and shelter.

Meditate on the fact that your basic needs are met. Therefore, you have “enough.” Savor this reflective moment with your loved ones. Truly enjoy your time. Let it fill, calm, refresh and revive your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. With this clarity you can then pursue your wants and any other project / chore. Happy Saturday Folks!

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