Have a good day. Literally!

Top of the morning to ya! It’s a little chilly here in Pennsylvania (ok down right cold) which can make any already weary soul (me) dreading getting out of bed.

However, it is easier when I put a smile on my face and start my day with a simple but meaningful 5 minute routine.

If you need a little pick me up in the morning check out how I spend my first moments after waking up. Hopefully it’ll give you some inspiration to incorporate some invigorating habits at the top of your day!

🕐First minute – Pray, meditate, actively being thankful that I even woke up today.

🕑Second minute – Carefully get out of bed and stretch. Sometimes will complete a #SunSalutation.

🕒Third minute – Sip on warm lemon water that was left (covered) on my nightstand over night.

🕓Fourth minute – Check my journal / Google calendar (usually updated the night prior) to see my day laid out before me. I practice deep breathing while doing this which for some reason helps me to later keep calm because I’m accepting upfront that my day may not go as planned and that’s ok. (Sometimes I skip this step until later in the morning while my work computer is booting up because #meditation and #movement are my top prorities).

🕔Fifth minute – Head to the shower. My 5 – 10 minute morning shower is my “cup of coffee”. Although I shower at night to wash the day away, I need a quick shower in the morning to recharge myself. Lately, I’ve been using a citrus based soap which really wakes me up.

I usually have about 5 minutes in the morning but can sometimes stretch my routine out to a half hour. Also be sure to schedule some time to get outside and get some Vitamin D exposure from the sun; we need this hormone to keep us happy and healthy especially during the winter. Test out different strategies and see what works for best for you. 😊🍑

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