Mantras: A Medium to Meditate

Have you tried to meditate, only to find your self easily distracted?

A trick I’ve come to rely on is memorizing a mantra, which really is a word or sound (think “ohm”) but also has a pop culture meaning of the embodiment of certain rules or values.

My go to mantra is, “I am a leaf in the wind.” As someone who deals with anxiety, this thought literally reminds me to not only go with the flow but to then not beat myself up if I get off track.

Another mantra I love to use is: “I am the captain of my fate. I am the master of my soul.”

The quote, derived from the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley helps to create a mindset of responsibility and empowerment when I am feeling victimized or inadequate.

I believe you can speak things into existence, and you can even start with just chanting “peace”. Take time to meditate and get your mind right – your body and soul is counting on you.


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