Quick Tip: Natural Deodorant

There may come a time when you go to whip up a batch of your homemade natural deodorant, and you find you are all out of supplies. Don’t panic! Here’s a quick tip to keep you fresh.

Running out of deodarant can be the pits. In these cases, you can use something that is probably already in your bathroom closet or pantry. Milk of Magnesia works great to combat order and wetness. The plain, unflavored kind works best.

To apply, shake the bottle (make sure cap is on securely) to evenly distribute the product as it may settle. Pour about a quarter sized amount on the tips of your fingers (keep your fingers close together so product will not slip through). Carefully apply product to clean and dry underarms in a circular motion. Repeat on other side and let dry. A good time to apply would be after a shower while you’re brushing your teeth or styling your hair.

The Milk of Magnesia will dry as white as it is applied, so this may not be a viable option if you plan on bearing your underarms. However, since most of us are deficient in magnesium, which is essential to many functions in our bodies, the trade off isn’t so bad!

Hope you enjoyed this quick tip!

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