Habit Stacking

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Benjamin Franklin is quoted as having said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

It safe to say the majority of us in this day and age are always trying to become a better version of our former selves. In doing so, we soon realize our day to day habits impact our life long goals.

I’ve realized however, that as best as I try, I just forget to do certain things consistently. For example, I want to ensure I am flossing every day. And no, not dancing – although movement is good for the body and soul.

I tongue scrape and brush my teeth twice daily, but I’ve set a goal to floss regularly. And I was failing until I introduced habit stacking.

Simply put habit stacking is attaching a tangible reminder of completing Task B, to Task A that you’re already doing regularly.

Since I brush my teeth in the shower (I know, I will get better with conserving water ASAP) I would forget to open up the medicine cabinet and grab my floss after my shower. Now, I keep the floss next to my deodorant in the bathroom closet.

Another habit I wanted to start was taking weekly walks outside with my children. Although they are active in sports, I want to instill a familiarity with just being in nature and enjoying the surroundings. So, I started “Walk It Out Wednesdays” where as soon as we returned home from after school pick up, we’d take a walk around our neighborhood.

Here are some other habits or cues you can stack a new task onto:

  • Stepping out of bed in the morning
  • Taking a shower
  • Making tea or coffee
  • Taking your lunch break
  • Taking a screen break
  • Getting gasoline for your car
  • Getting on the train after work
  • Putting the dishes away
  • Setting out your clothes for the next day

Since these are things most of us do regularly, stacking a new habit that we’re trying to adopt (e.g. a 5 minute stretch, reading for 10 minutes) to these examples should help us reach our goals in no time.

You Get What You Get …

… and you don’t get upset.

I’ve echoed this saying to my children many times. It’s rooted in the mindset to be grateful for what you have. Many times after repeating this adage in response to a barrage of, “Why can’t I have that?!”, I felt discouraged. I asked myself, “Are my children destined to be spoiled and entitled?”

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Work It.

You may have heard it takes three weeks to develop a habit. We are nine weeks into the new year and it’s safe for me to say that I’ve finally – FINALLY – made regular exercise a habit.

Like many, I’ve succumbed to numerous starts and stops over the years when it came to exercising. But with working longer hours, the stress of virtual learning, and the age of 40 looming near I resolved to make a change – once and for all. After some preparation and prayer, I embarked on my fitness journey. Here’s what I did to make working out a regular habit:

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My Apologies, but is God real?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

5 year old son: Mommy, who made God?

7 year old daughter: Ask him when you see him.

My daughter knew me enough to know that would be my exact response. Still two years later, I find myself still wondering the actual response to that question …

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Color me surprised!

Many of us are trying to save money and be super resourceful during this pandemic. That hasn’t been the easiest task for my family, especially having to dole out hundreds of dollars to outfit our home to be ready for virtual school. Still, I am constantly on the look out for savings whenever possible.

Recently, I’ve noticed our computer ink cartridges were at least half-way full but our prints would be streaking or have color faded lines. I would take the black and color ink cartridges out of the printer, shake and blow on them (because it’s an Atari, right?) to no avail.

Determined not to waste anymore ink or money, I did what any millennial would do.

I went to YouTube to search for a solution.

Low and behold, the fix was quick, easy, and cost $0.00. 

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Beat the Black Friday Blues

Happy Day after Thanksgiving!

Black Friday brings as much anticipation as Thanksgiving for many people. The hunt for the perfect gift at a premium discount is as fun as scoring the actual gift.

In the age of social media and digital marketing, it is easy to get sidetracked and buy a bunch of stuff you (and your intended recipients) don’t need or truly want.

To avert unnecessary spending and get the most out of your purchases, try to:

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