Beat the Black Friday Blues

Happy Day after Thanksgiving!

Black Friday brings as much anticipation as Thanksgiving for many people. The hunt for the perfect gift at a premium discount is as fun as scoring the actual gift.

In the age of social media and digital marketing, it is easy to get sidetracked and buy a bunch of stuff you (and your intended recipients) don’t need or truly want.

To avert unnecessary spending and get the most out of your purchases, try to:

  • Go over your purchases from last year to construct a budget. Determine the method of payment (hint: more cash flow than credit card usage is clutch).
  • Write your must haves down on paper. Cross off your item as you’ve purchased it.
  • When comparing prices amongst competitors, check the reviews and shipping time for the product. A low priced item doesn’t automatically equal a good purchase.
  • Jot down the exchange/return by date in your calendar (Google calendar would be great for this).
  • Scan ALL of your receipts if you’re buying in store.

Above all, just remember:

Happy (and safe) Shopping!

Tea Two Ways

I can drink almost any tea with out sweetener. Green tea. Lemon Ginger tea. Rooibos tea. You name it.

Except Chamomile tea. Every time I try drinking it without sweetener, the strong taste gives me an instant headache.

I’ve avoided the tea for so long due to that reason alone. But alas, my continuing nervousness has left me looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals to alleviate my anxious feelings.

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